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Agar Environmental Ltd.

Agar Environmental Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

Summary of offer: Legal services for companies and corporations including foreign corporations

A privately-owned business, based in Israel, provides advanced solutions for the early detection and monitoring of oil leaks and oil spills in critical facilities.

The company manufactures a unique product line which aims to detect the presence of hydrocarbons on water in different facilities such as oil refineries, seaport authorities, water municipalities and power generation facilities, and to send alerts to its end users in a critical time. That is in order to prevent further negative consequences of the leak on the environment.

The products use a special technology which enables the detection of small oil leaks and monitoring the thickness of the oil layer as it grows. Emulsions of oil in water can also be detected.

Following the detections & monitoring process, the system will alarm the end users and will enable the operators to stop the process. This unique solution is significant to the protection of the environment and can save high costs to the end users, obligated to regulation concerning environmental protection, by minimizing the damage.

The products are manufactured in Israel and exported to many different countries around the world. The products have an excellent reputation among its many users.

Target Industries: Oil & Petrochemical, Power generation & distribution, Transportation, Manufacturing, Water. The products are applicable to any place where it is necessary to monitor leaks / spills of hydrocarbons.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for additional sales partners with relevant experience and access to potential end users and markets, for selling and giving technical support for the products.


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