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Agridera Seeds & Agriculture Ltd

Agridera Seeds & Agriculture Ltd

Product/ Company Information:

  • Established in 1952
  • Privately owned by seven families
  • Breeding programs Open field crops, Vegetable and ornamental sunflower varieties.
  • We produce and market seeds of such varieties in Israel and world wide

Company Specialization

  • Cultivation production and marketing of seeds worldwide
  • Agriculture service
  • Production of seeds to other factors
  • Our total sales in 2016 were $ 6.4 Million
“Green Agriculture”
The “Tabor” Clover Seeds
  • OECD & ISTA certified seed
  • AGRIDERA  is the variety maintainer and registrar
  • The Tabor clover is a single cut annual plant
  • It covers the ground rapidly and prevent bad weed from growing extensively
  • It enriches the soil with Nitrogen advantage to rice crop rotation
  • Rice: Feb. – Oct., Clover: Oct. – Feb.
  • Significant reduction  of costs due to fertilizer and herbicide cut down
  • Less pollution to the ground water and to the soil
  • Soil conservation – prevent soil erosion in places prone,  root depth 60-70 cm.
  • Suitable to a wide range of soil types
  • salt tolerant – suitable for coast areas
  • After 60-70 day’s cycle – quick bio mass you harvest and use for animal feed
  • High hay yield at 400-500 mm. rain
  • over 7 tons of dry matter per hectare
  • High protein content – 18-25 %/ dry material
  • Green Manure – after 40-50 days you plough it to the ground
  • Honey production – good pollinator
We are looking for

  1. A seed company That has contacts with rice growers or vegetable growers
  2. A” fertilizers company” that could sell the “Tabor” clover seeds as a green   fertilizer , it’s qualities contributes to green agriculture
  3. Animal feed company – The “Tabor” clover is very high in protein and by sowing it you can get 7-8 tons of dry matter per hectare


Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for distributor for Tabor clover seeds


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