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BAR-1 Ltd.

BAR-1 Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

Summary of offer: Export/Joint Venture: Security, Counter-Terror and Defense: Double Exit & OMER-1

1. The “Double Exit” system is a SAFETY LIFE SAVING SYSTEM, designed to facilitate safe, effective , secured and efficient rescue from high rise buildings (above 3 or 4 floors), in order to save as many people as possible trapped in high buildings, in cases as : fire, natural disaster, terror attack.

2. Fast Emergency Entry, Exit – The Company also designs and manufactures combat rappelling equipment – both rope and lightweight metal ladder – for Special Forces and SWAT teams. Whether it is roof, window or door access, our equipment ensures security teams can gain entry to the areas they need to access. Our design team includes experienced ex-military and SWAT professionals who specify the exact tools and equipment needed.

Marketing to anti-terror teams globally – we design and build quick entry and exit equipment and a vehicle stopping system.

Products offered:
 The OMER 1 Professional descender system (Pat No. 71719), with quick release
 BAR 1 Anti-Terror Tactical Ladders.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: to look for Double Exit: Safety and firefighting equipment distributors; large building companies; public and governmental entities and ministries; 5 & OMER-1: Anti-terror military teams, SWAT teams, security teams


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