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CGS Tower Networks

CGS Tower Networks

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CGS Tower Networks provides superior network infrastructure solutions that enable and empower Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics and monitoring tools while reducing costs and complexity.
CGS Tower Networks optimizes the tools layer by providing them with full network visibility and eliminating network bottlenecks in order to ensure maximum performance and benefits. 
CGS Tower Networks, a private company with HQ in Israel, was founded and is managed by industry veterans with an outstanding track record of success in introducing innovative and superior products and services to the market.

Product Overview

CGS-NPB Series

The CGS-NPB series introduces the next generation appliances providing network visibility that enables Cyber Security, Big Data analytics and monitoring tools deployed in high-end data centers and branch offices. The CGS-NPB appliances address the market requirement to reduce the cost, complexity and footprint of high-end network visibility solutions. 

Server Based Packet Broker

In today’s modern network architectures, cyber and monitoring tools are required to handle incoming traffic from multiple visibility devices including TAPs, SPAN ports and NPB (Network Packet Broker) appliances. The volume and diversity in the types of traffic can be overwhelming to these tools. Duplicated packets may cause applications to be stretched to the limits of their processing power whereas packets with multiple headers (e.g. MPLS, VLAN tags, ERSPAN etc.) are often unrecognized by these tools and are typically dropped.

Advanced network processing features such as Deduplication are CPU intensive and should not be performed on the aggregation device that is CPU bound by design. The CGS Server introduces the industry’s next generation NPB by leveraging advanced, high performance, modular and scalable ODM hardware that can be configured to the desired network capacity. This unique approach eliminates hardware performance constraints and allows alignment between hardware and performance requirements

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