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Diplomat by Cohen Ltd.

Diplomat by Cohen Ltd.

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Summary of offer: Export / Joint venture / Representation: Import-Export: Suits & Men’s Fashion

Diplomat by Cohen is a team of fashion advocates who manufacture and market suits and men’s clothing. They are a well-based Israeli company who is constantly innovating in men’s fashion and is currently looking for more, new suppliers.

They provide fashion cuts according to which they need the sewing done for them in collaboration. In case of suits and men’s fashion in high standards that meet their price requirements, they can also purchase readymade clothing.

 They primarily import to Israel and market their men’s fashion in the local marketplace, yet they also export some of their products. Distributors outside of Israel are welcome to contact them. 


Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Interested in potential partnerships with manufacturers of men's suits and tailor-made men's fashion that meets their quality and price requirements


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