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EcoSupp Health Ltd.

EcoSupp Health Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

Summary of offer: Export/Services: Minerals, Vitamins, CBD

We are a global company, specializing in innovative development and manufacturing of high-quality liposome orchestrated supplements, as well as a diversified CBD product line.

We specialize in worldwide production & delivery of private label and white label products.

 Specialised Staff – Our team comprises of pharmaceutical professionals, experienced scientists, and dedicated bioresearch team.
 Our Delivery Technologies – We are THE specialists in the field of liposomal
 Our Ingredients – We use only high-quality raw materials – all natural and safe!
 Our Research Department – We research every relevant piece of molecule to
ensure optimal results.

 Our Production Facilities – We produce all your products under solid craftsmanship in our own state-of-the art production facilities, located in The Netherlands at the city of Deventer, and in the U.S. at the state of Navada.

We offer our clients the ultimate range of services:

1. Scientific consulting
2. Contract manufacturing
3. Registration of products in the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
4. Production
a. Pouring
b. Mixing
c. Heat Sealing
d. Labelling
e. Packaging
5. Handling & Shipping

So, if you’re looking to expand your supplements / CBD business by using white label, or private label, we will provide you with the most qualified, easiest, fastest and most affordable way to successfully introduce your products in a vastly growing market.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: to look for Importers and Distributors.


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