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Holy Places Productions

Holy Places Productions

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In an age of questioning the origins of civilization, and the growth of religious devotion, Holy Places TV decided to use new technology to present the Holy sites of Antiquity. HolyPlaces TV presents documentaries focusing on the Holy Places in the Holy Land, with the objective of presenting the Christian Holy Places to the world from Israel, the cradle of the monotheistic religions. These documentaries are filmed in stunning 4K video quality.
These  documentaries also offer a solution to broadcasters and TV channels who want to stimulate their “Second Screen” with content in 360 degrees, on the same subject. Each 4K Video is also filmed in VR 360° in 4K. Broadcasters and TV channels today, whether for religious or general audiences, are interested in new types of content, such as VR 360°, to provide an enhanced viewing experience for content on another device: the 2nd screen. While watching or engaging with content on the TV, our 360° content can be displayed on any Smartphone. Not only an additional screen for consuming content, it can also be a new source of income for broadcasters and TV Channels.
To date, we have produced over 133 video clips of Holy Places in VR 360° such as Basilicas, Churches, Monasteries, as well as Ruins and Archaeological Excavations related to the life of Jesus in the Holy Land.
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Activity: Looking for partners for distribution and broadcasting.


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