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KB Goods Products & Projects

KB Goods Products & Projects

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Summary of offer: Import/Representation/Franchisee: Sanitary Products

Description of Offer

The company imports, markets and distributes Sanitary Products in Israel.

Company policy – Quality without Compromise.

Vision – Sales and market share growth build-up by two digits per year.

Products – Concealed cistern spare parts

Inlet/outlet valves, panels, pipes, gaskets, hoses, etc.

Service and repair shop of toilets in Israel.

Initial contact will be made through the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:

Ms. Yonat Keren, International Relations Division | Telephone: 972-3-5631020 | Email: [email protected]

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking to be exclusive agent for concealed cistern & spare parts in Israel. Inlet/outlet valves, panels, pipes, gaskets, hoses, etc.


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