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Mobik, is a Mobile CMS Platform, provides SMBs with a highquality system, and with a quick & easy way to upload and build advanced mobile content and sites. The use of Mobik as a tool to build, upload and publish content becomes essential, especially for small businesses, who need to have their online presence, simple & quick.

Mobik provides mobile presence to SMBs as: Mobile business cards, landing pages, mobile sites, mobile shopping & commerce and other solutions. So , various solutions can be adapted in accordance with the business needs. Mobik follows the perception of Google : Mobile first. Or Mobile Only. Unlike website builder tools, that are web based and mobile responsive, Mobik is a Mobile only platform, which gives the ultimate solution, to markets where the use of mobile devices is either significantly higher than use of desktops, or even use of mobile devices only.

Why Mobik ?

  • Mobik addresses the need for a true mobile presence. It loads faster, it addresses the concept of mobile and what consumers want when they go mobile.
  • Mobik is Simple – With Mobik, you choose a template and fill in your data, not getting into the complexity of building a whole website and its responsive look. Mobik is kept quick and simple to build. Mobik has been developed intentionally as an intuitive tool for those who are less technical but still wish to build their mobile pages by themselves. Try Mobik demo using its Login info below.
  • Mobik can be built on the go, from the mobile device, and not only via a desktop.
    Mobik is fully multi lingual, a content in any language can be put into a mobile site created by Mobik. Sites in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Deutsch already exist. Mobik management system currently available in Hebrew, English Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Deutsch, and it is very easy to lozalize in any other language whenever required.
  • Mobik is quick – A mobile site can be built using Mobik in minutes.
  • Mobik is User Friendly – At any page and any time you have an online help, and set of instruction videos, just by clicking on the Help/? button. Mobik helps you build your mobile presence directly from your mobile device, using a “drag & drop” method. At any time you can see a preview of the mobile site and how it will look like to the visitors.
  • Mobik is App Enabled. It can be used and integrated with any mobile app.


Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for partners (telecom companies, internet services providers (ISP), online marketing companies)


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