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OK Kosher Certification

OK Kosher Certification

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Summary of offer: Services: Kosher Food Certification

The company, a leading professional certification firm with over 80 years of experience, provides a global benchmark for kosher certification with technical expertise and customer services.

Their symbol is one of the most instantly recognizable and universally accepted kosher certification marks in the marketplace.

Buyers worldwide distinguish the standards of diligence in verifying the kosher status of the products they purchase. The team screens each of the ingredients used in each product, and there is a program of adequate inspections to the manufacturing site.

The company offers a groundbreaking, innovative software system that simplifies raw material management compliance, accelerates certification and ensures your data’s security.

Global Structure – the headquarters in New York and regional offices in Los Angeles, Europe, China, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, India, Japan, and Russia help follow evolving industries and prove the reputation for technical expertise, customer service and high standards.

The company is looking for commercial agency and service agreements with its future representatives, joint venture agreement with those of the same services, e.g. for Halal certification.

The partners are from the fields of food, beverages (including alcoholic drinks) and pharmaceutical products (medications, vitamins).

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for service providers in the field of Halal certification, representatives, food and beverage manufacturers.


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