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Pladot 2012 Ltd.

Pladot 2012 Ltd.

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Summary of offer: Export: Mini Milk Processing Plants

Israeli company that manufactures and markets Mini Dairies in 26 countries all over the world.


The company is a mini milk processing plant (2,000-100,000 Lbs/D) that can produce all the familiar milk products (drinking milk, flavoured milk, yogurt, sour cream, butter, cheeses and ice cream) from raw milk.

The company gained extensive experience in setting up Mini Dairies in different countries. It sells the Mini Dairy as a package deal, starting from the initial planning, manufacturing of equipment, a training course in equipment operation and production, assembly, installation and running in at dairy site. An additional course is held with our food technologist at the customer’s dairy site.

The concept of a Mini Dairy is suitable particularly to rural areas that comprise towns surrounded by agricultural population. The Mini Dairy will collect the milk (all kinds of milk), produce cheeses, yogurt, butter, drinking milk, ice cream etc., and sell fresh products in nearby areas, or elsewhere.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for dealers of milking equipment and entrepreneurs


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