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Power Sense Wireless Ltd.

Power Sense Wireless Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

Summary of offer: Export / Joint venture / Representation: RTLS, Wireless location active tags, wireless Sensors, Real Time Monitoring software + IOS / Android Apps.

PowerTags is a wireless hardware manufacturer and software developer that provides solutions to variety of IOT applications that includes end to end solutions, Hardware only or custom made. Our solutions are already being sold in over 10 countries around the world and include leading enterprise customers such as: HP, Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola among others.

Our core expertise are solutions for applications that require fusion of Location tracking and variety of wireless sensors. Our solutions applies for Safe / Smart City, IOT, Agriculture, Healthcare, Pharma, Industrial Automation, Security etc. We would like to expand our business and co-operate with system integration / project oriented companies.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: to look for partners in system integration / project oriented companies located in Asia, Far east.


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