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Scandinavian Marine

Scandinavian Marine

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Summary of offer: Import:  All kinds of fresh and frozen fish and seafood products

The company has vast experience & knowledge in the fish import and export business for more than two decades.

The company is a fish solution specialist, providing product development, business development, and export and import solutions.

The company started as importer of fish and seafood from all over the world to Israel, selling to a large segment of the Israeli market from restaurants through hotels to retails chain stores.

The company and its founder and owner, are known for being the first ones to import fresh fish to Israel and actually initiated this market.

Today, we are responsible for approx. 10,000 tons of fresh and frozen fish globally each year.

We sell to customers in Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Turkey, Vietnam, USA, Holland, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, New Zealand and China. We buy from all over the world.

We are constantly looking for new suppliers for our customers and for new customers for our exclusive providers, and aiming for major locations in potential markets.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for fish and seafood manufacturers and suppliers.


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