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Smufs Biometric Solutions

Smufs Biometric Solutions

Product/ Company Information:

Summary of offer: Export: Mobile Biometric Device called SMUFS – Secure Mobile Universal Fingerprint Scanners and NBBS Network Base Biometric  Server

The mobile biometric device called SMUFS (Secure Mobile Universal Fingerprint Scanner) is a secure and mobile compact self-powered, standalone fingerprint scanner. It can be used in remote areas where access to computers/laptops and internet is limited.

The company’s key features:

Connects easily with any Smartphone/tablet/PC via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB.

On board, flash allows onboard storage and matching capabilities.

FIPS 201/PIV compliant fingerprint sensor that is suitable for most demanding clients 1: N authentication challenges.

Raw-image/WSQ/template on device.

We offer: The secured mobile fingerprint scanner is a compact, self-powered, stand-alone fingerprint scanner capable of functioning over Bluetooth and USB interfaces. It can work with regular computers and laptops over USB, providing PIV certified images. It also acts as a portable mobile scanner with your smartphone/tablet. The device can be used in remote areas where access to computers/laptops and internet is limited. By attaching it to any smartphone, it is capable of enrolling new users and even running 1:1 and 1:N matches on the spot through the NBBS server connected over a GPRS network. NBBS exposes the strength of each plugged-in algorithm, while compensating for any weakness by using alternate algorithms. It exposes an easy to use API, which hides the complications of learning different algorithm interfaces. It is capable of extracting and matching fingerprints, face and iris scans.

The founders took the challenge of developing a very reliable and fast authentication system along with access to databases, using multiple, simultaneous unique algorithms.

The development process included design, miniaturization, packaging and server development and working with experts in the relevant fields. Unlike existing costly solutions, the company offers full biometric solutions that can stand alone or be integrated with the customer’s existing systems.

We offer high quality, easy to use and easy to implement solutions, at a low cost.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for potential partners in IT integration as well as biometric vendors


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