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TRISUN (Israel) Ltd

TRISUN (Israel) Ltd

Product/ Company Information:

Trisun Ltd. Is a leading trading company and a supplier of raw materials for various industries. We are a part of an international group of fruit and vegetable processing & trading companies with years of experience and know-how. Since the company was established in 1990, our global chain of partners enables us to supply quality materials in a “tailor made” manner. Our comprehensive, efficient and reliable service is well known, and is given together with unmatched prices. We believe in quality, transparency and partnership.

In the food and drink industry Trisun provides a full range of citrus options: orange, lemon,  lime, grapefruit, sweetie and other fruits. Our  product range contains concentrates, bases,  single strength juices, essential oils, canned  segments, IQF and cells. In addition we supply  tropical fruit products, pomegranate and tomato  products. A variety of packages is available in  standard, chilled or aseptic shipping.

Our feed supplement products rely on our global infrastructure of premium quality, reliable manufacturers, with an established record in the field. We put extra attention to make sure our products quality is uncompromised. We employ professional animal nutritionists and certified laboratories to guarantee the quality of the supplied raw materials. Trisun supplies a wide range of raw materials used for the production of all farm animal feeds. Our line of products includes fish meal, fish oil, poultry meal, feather meal, corn gluten meal, dicalcium phosphate, L-lysine sulphate, choline chloride, single vitamins (feed grade), feed concentrates (shelf products and tailor made), vitamins and minerals premix, sweet potato meal and more.

Trisun Ltd. offers a wide range of products for animal-feed for several sectors, including broilers, turkeys, breeders, layers, dairy herds, calves, sheep and fish. We are working with producers all around the globe, and we are capable to comply with specific customer demands concerning quality level or origin. We supply to Mills in Israel, Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, Poland, Thailand and other countries.

Trisun’s Cosmetic and Toiletry solutions enable our customers to have a “One Stop Shop” regarding industry raw materials. We supply all possible oleo/petro chemicals – different types of surfactants, amides, glycerin, fatty acids, esters and more. We carry through our wide net of manufacturers an extensive range of natural oils and extracts, absolutes, hydrosols and flower water. In addition, one can find unique ingredients to match specific needs, like algae-based products, hyaluronic acid, Dead Sea raw materials and much more. Our range of products contains all sorts of material grades – industrial, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food grade.

Our portfolio of chemicals for the  cosmetic and toiletry industry  is comprised of a wide variety of  materials, so that our customers  can have all their needs fulfilled. We are connected to the finest  manufacturers and suppliers that
offer all possible chemicals, of the  highest quality and at the most  competitive prices available.

Trisun offers a wide variety of essential and  carrier oils. We work only with the finest  manufacturers and suppliers in order to make sure our customers never compromise on quality and price. Most of the oils can be found
in both conventional and organic grade, and in virgin or refined state. This list contains only a selection of the oils we offer. Other oils are  available according to demand. Hydrosols and  flower water are also available.

Trisun offers a wide variety of extracts for cosmetic and toiletry applications. We work only with the highest quality manufacturers and suppliers in order to make sure our customers never compromise on quality and price. We supply  both oil soluble and water soluble (Glycerin/ Propylene Glycol/Alcohol) extracts. Most of the extracts can be found in both conventional and organic grade. This list contains only a selection of the extracts. Other extracts are available according to demand.

In addition to our Chemicals, Oils  and Extracts, Trisun is continuously  developing its portfolio of completing
raw materials and unique materials  of new trends and technologies. Our  line of miscellaneous materials is
continuously growing and evolving.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for partners in the food, feed business and cosmetics


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