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Zemach Feed Mill Cooperative Agricultural Association Ltd.

Zemach Feed Mill Cooperative Agricultural Association Ltd.

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Summary of offer: Producer of animal feeds for pets, aquaculture, layers, turkeys, broilers, sheep, dairy, and cattle

Zemach Feed Mill has more than 50 years of experience. Zemach Feed Mill is a cooperative agricultural association owned collectively by 47 agricultural settlements in the Jordan Valley, the Spring Valley, and the Golan Heights. We produce feeds for a variety of animals: broiler chickens, turkeys, laying chickens, cows, sheep and goats, sea and freshwater aquacultures, pets and more.

We, at the Zemach Feed Mill, as our part in the food chain, know and strive for excellence in feed production, and give professional guidance support to the growers. The field consultants at the Zemach Feed Mill are constantly in contact with the growers with adapted feed nutrition programs to consider the field conditions and the seasonal changes.

We at the Zemach Feed Mill believe in a meticulous quality assurance program. The company has a modern advanced chemical laboratory and we have the most advanced quality and safety standards in the world. The company abides by the following quality standards: ISO9001:2015 and HACCP.

As part of our obligation to the growers’ success, we are continuously updating. Our company’s R & D experts have ongoing nutrition field trials with new feeds and advanced feed programs. In recent years the R & D department of the Zemach Feed Mill, with the cooperation of NUTRECO, has developed broiler feeds without added antibiotics or coccidiostats. These feeds have been used over the recent years for broiler chickens with great success.

Zemach Feed Mill exports pet feeds and aquaculture feeds to a number of destinations around the world including the USA, the East, Central America, and Africa. The company offers export of the following: aquafeeds for sturgeon for caviar and meat production, Carp, Hybrid Bass, Red Drum, Trout, European Sea-Bass, African Catfish and Sea Bream and pet foods for cats and dogs.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Looking for distribution companies active in the aquaculture industry and pet store chains or distributors of products for pets


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