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Admin/HR Assistant

Admin/HR Assistant


The Admin/HR Assistant will be responsible for the monitoring and handling of office supplies, office maintenance, licenses and renewals, inventory, logistics, and general requirements of employees. In addition, the Admin/HR Assistant will be responsible for the general handling of all HR functions.


Reports directly to   : President or whoever the company assigns to manage the team

Coordinates with    : President or whoever is instructed by the management


Admin Duties

1. Monitor and coordinate the renewal of all company clearances, permits, licenses, and insurance coverage

2. Draft and submit corporate legal documents such as stock transfer and assignment, yearly GIS, minutes of the meeting, and secretary’s certificates

3. Manage and coordinate with the Admin and Logistics Assistant on all administrative concerns of the company, on office supplies, on local purchases and concerns with local  suppliers


Human Resources Duties

1. Plan and coordinate internal and external job posting thru different means such as newspaper advertisements, radio/TV commercial, flyers, recruitment firm endorsement, and online job postings

2. Facilitate the phases of interview process. Conduct initial interview and coordinates final Interview schedule

3. Conduct background check investigation for shortlisted applicants

4. Prepare the job offer and employment contract for newly hired employees

5. Coordinate and make sure that new employees complete documentary requirements, company orientation, on boarding requirements and supplies, and technical equipment

6. Prepare and process bi-monthly payroll

7. Document and coordinate with the Accounting Division the rates of all new employees, re-hired employees, adjustments in salary of employees and other employee adjustments and organizational movement

8. Monitor and coordinate the performance evaluation of an employee

9. Coordinate with the healthcare provider and life insurance provider with regards to concerns, availment, addition and cancellation of employee membership

10. Monitor the leave availment of all employees

11. Ensure that reports, claims and computations for any of the mandatory government benefits of employees are accurately implemented and processed thru the proper government agency

12. Prepare the remittance reports for SSS contributions and loan payments and Philhealth remittances to be received by the proper government agency

13. Organizes Company Activities / Events / Parties (Plans and coordinates the Annual Company Teambuilding, Sports fest , Christmas Parties and other activities stipulated by the President)

14. Create and issue internal memorandums

15. Coordinates with company lawyers on general company legal concerns

16. Compute, coordinate and document last pay and clearance of resigned employees


Inventory & Logistics

1. Monitor equipment stock deliveries, release, and returns

2. Coordinate with foreign supplier regarding the status of purchase orders, date of shipment and follow up the necessary documents concerning the shipment

3. Coordinate with the broker(s) and forwarder regarding the shipping, arrival and release of a shipment

4. Evaluate and recommend proposals of new forwarder, broker services, and shipping rates

5. Renew the license, clearance, and permits with the bureau of customs, NTC and other gov’t agencies

6. Request payment for each permit for the release of goods with the Bureau of Customs


Qualified applicants may send their CVs to [email protected] and [email protected]

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