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Cornerstone Leadership and Strategy Consulting Inc

Cornerstone Leadership and Strategy Consulting Inc


  • Consulting

Cornerstone, through its pool of subject matter experts, perform a wide range of consulting solutions for organization effectiveness.

    • Strategic Planning and Execution
    • VMV Design, Alignment, and Cascade
    • Change Management
    • Performance Management
    • Talent Management
    • Customer Experience Management
    • Corporate Climate Survey


  • Learning

Cornerstone offers several programs that help organizations maximize their people’s potentials and boost the company’s overall productivity.

    • Business Acumen
    • Selling Mastery
    • Customer Experience
    • Communication
    • Productivity and Peak Experience Series
    • Leadership and Change
    • DiSC® Programs
    • Completed Staff Work
    • Neuro-Semantics Leadership Diploma
    • Neuro-Semantics Self-Actualization Psychology Diploma
    • Meta-Coach System
    • Meta-NLP
    • Team Synergy Programs


  • Coaching

We guarantee our clients that we apply the highest quality through the Meta-Coaching System®. Meta-Coaching is about coaching at the higher level. We don’t just coach the performance, we also coach to the meaning: beliefs, intentions, and values that propel the performance. We coach not just the outer game but also the inner game.

    • Executive Coaching
    • Peak Performance Coaching
    • Group and Team Coaching
    • Shadow Coaching
    • Political Coaching
    • Personal Coaching
    • Advocacy Coaching

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