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Green AdvancedTech Solution Corp.

Green AdvancedTech Solution Corp.

Green AdvancedTech Solution Corp. is a Philippine-based corporation of Green System Corp., which has a track record of providing high-quality IT Solutions to Japanese market demands since 1988. Its local corporate was established by its same CEO, Mr. Toru Takahashi, last 2014 in the heart of the IT District of the Philippines, Makati, as a first step in expanding its market overseas and also to provide opportunities to the Filipino community. We build IT-enabled products and provide related services essential to companies of various industries. We provide solutions to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and to deliver greater value to its variety of customers from industries such as automobile, manufacturing, communications, education, medical logistics, and many more.


We promote a growth mindset among our members. In the process, we treat our people and business partners as well, with the same degree of respect and fairness. Our partnerships are anchored on mutual trust as we strive to create modern solutions to generate both tangible and intangible values for our customers.


By concentrating on the objectives, we deliver our products and services on required time, cost, and quality at its best. We work closely with our team in Japan, who has built strong reputation in the industry for the past three decades. The methodologies and practices are inherited to further enhance our business operations.


As business partners, we are committed to deliver sustainable solutions to respond to the wide array of demands by making an effective and efficient use of our professional assets to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.


  • Web Design & Development

With expanding and complication of needs and ideas, development of web system using CRM is absolutely necessary. In recent years, we have, and still developing, all kinds of web system. We aim to develop low cost system without sacrificing cost-benefit using open source Content Management Systems, Drupal as well as scratch development with Java and ASP.NET. Moreover, we provide all needs such as ERP development of SAP company and critical systems development which were introduced to many global companies.

    • Web site management that allows mutual information sharing with customers.
    • Improvement of client distinction from other companies.
    • Support real-time sales activities by unifying client’s information.



With the rapid growing usage of mobile devices today, businesses tend to shift to digital means to comply with the demand of mobile market. Through our distinct development system that is utilizing Android and iOS application development, we offer assistance to businesses in creating their mobile platforms. Our team is responsible for the planning, design, development and delivery for the mobile apps.

    • Planning – includes product requirements, goals and challenges.
    • Design – includes UX/UI Design, software workflow and wireframes.
    • Development – includes vigorous coding and quality testing.
    • Delivery – includes product release and maintenance.



Provides services in the infrastructure field which incorporates state-of-the-art technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing, systematized systems that can respond flexibly to environmental changes and unexpected experiences. Objectives mainly focus on infrastructure development in conjunction with application development within the generation of existing systems, we update and/or rebuild systems continually to support current needs and security patches.

We also monitor the operation and maintenance after actual system production.

In recent years, we are also working on building a workflow system using SharePoint, Microsoft Azure and AWS.



We provide one stop solution for hardware and software embedded systems such as sensors embedded in vehicles and television. An integrated hardware and software development is necessary in providing high performance and cost efficient systems for the industrial market. With our unique development protocols, algorithms and processing, we ensure the quality and delivery time of the product. We also verify and provide extensive testing methods to ensure that it delivers the key functionality and requirements.

This involves the following services:

    • System Architecture – provide a model defining the system’s behavior.
    • System Software – provide a user platform for hardware functionalities.
    • System Hardware – provide the physical entity of the system.



Performed to continue the operation of an existing application and to gain better business value. It includes moving from one platform to another, modifying logical operation, transferring data between data storage systems or data formats or upgrading to new hardware, new software or both.

The upgraded system shall have the following benefits:

    • Faster system flow – decrease system process cost and increase productivity.
    • Increased system security – better protection to malwares and intruders.
    • Additional system features – create new functionality for the users.
    • System compatibility – provide compatibility to existing systems.



We offer translation of Japanese technical documents such as operation manuals and system specifications to English by the members fluent in both languages and vice versa. Our service incorporates undertanding the document content, context and grammatical structures which is necessary in creating accurate and error free translation of documents. We take the perspective of the readers in creating these translations to make sure that the message of the document is clearly understood. In addition, these translations are useful in communicating complex information efficiently and providing cost performance and quick delivery.



We take advantage of our experience on system development for 30 years and we are extending operations in the Philippines, also to provide opportunities to young Filipino aspiring developers.

All of our development staff have been trained by our Japanese software engineer to make our team a hybrid of Japanese and Filipino software developers achieving fast delivery and quality equivalent to our Japan counterpart.

We offer multiple types of services depending on clients’ requirements ranging from industrial to commercial fields of technology.

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