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SAAR Promarket

SAAR Promarket

For over 30 years, Promarket has been leading the world of experiential marketing in Israel. Armed with a strong strategy and creative department, Promarket tailors custom experiences for brands, companies, and businesses. Whether it’s B2C, B2B, or anywhere in the digital sphere – we know how to take relationships between a business and its customers to the max.

We’re experts in taking your messages, values, and goals and turning them into a dazzling physical experience that can touch consumers and make them feel like they’re a part of your brand.

The combination of Promarket’s creative and strategic capabilities along with our top-notch production and logistic abilities will ensure that our ideas come to life and make a real-life impact on consumer hearts and minds. From hosting luxurious company events, arranging experiential marketing events, planning incentive trips overseas, or designing the perfect company vacation in Israel – our various production teams know exactly how to take your needs and wishes and turn your project into a once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience. That’s what makes us who we are – the experienced engineers.

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