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About Us

Who We Are

The Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ICCP) is an organization of individuals and companies who share a common interest in the pursuit and encouragement of bilateral and investment opportunities between the Philippines and Israel. Organized in 2009, it was transformed from what was formerly the Philippine-Israel Business Association (PIBA).

The ICCP is a private, independent and non-profit entity whose mission is to encourage business-to-business networking within the Philippines and bilateral trade between the Philippines and Israel. It aims to serve businesses through the participation of its members in promoting their long-term objectives, while contributing to the civic, social and economic development of the Philippines.

The ICCP maintains a close affiliation with the Israel Embassy, whose role is to strengthen bilateral relations with the Philippines and thus serves as part of the foundation of the Chamber. Affiliated with the International Israel Chamber of Commerce, it likewise maintains a close liaison with other foreign chambers in Manila and other Philippine business groups, particularly the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI).

Mission Statement

The mission of the ICCP is to foster, enable, facilitate and ensure the success of its members’ businesses while promoting business-to-business networking between Israel and the Philippines. It likewise aims to collaborate with Philippine government officials, agencies and bureaus, as well as business and community leaders in dealing with important and critical issues affecting business and industries in both countries, while contributing to their civic, social and economic development.

Vision Statement

To be the premiere comprehensive resource and vehicle for the achievement of a strong and meaningful bilateral trade relationship between Israel and the Philippines that would be mutually beneficial to both countries.

Activities of the ICCP

The ICCP regularly holds the following programs and activities aimed at achieving its goals and objectives:

Ambassador’s Forum

Periodic breakfast interactive forums are held and hosted by the Israel Ambassador to the Philippines. An interactive forum, the Ambassador is advised of the concerns and problems faced by the business community, while he shares his own perceptions of the current political and economic conditions.

Quarterly General Membership Meetings

The best opportunity in Manila to meet customers, competitors, advisers and leaders from a broad cross-section of industries and nationalities, these business meetings provide an avenue for businessmen to hear vital information shared by prominent guest speakers selected for their knowledge and expertise of various subject matters involving both the private and government sectors.

Business Forums

These are informal business forums which encourage members and friends to network among themselves, and which promote a particular industry that is mutually beneficial and of interest to both countries. This event also creates awareness of the available opportunities and possible linkages with the Israel Chamber of Commerce through presentations, showcasing Israel’s economic profile and current business environment.

Civic and community service

ICCP aims to make a difference in the lives of those who have less in life, are disadvantaged, and in need, whose futures, if given the chance, will blossom. It therefore holds civic and community service among needy families in both countries through medical missions, community education programs, etc. which allow our members to share their field of expertise.

Benefits of Membership with the ICCP

Is to represent and further the interests of each member. Through General Membership meetings, Business Forums and other events, members receive assistance in promoting their companies and individual interests, keeping them abreast and ahead of business trends both in the country and in Israel.

As we have successfully established a network with different foreign and local chambers, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI) and other industry-group-focused trade and business organizations, members will be in the “frontline” of the foremost business groups in the country, and be in the know of current business trends and issues. They will also be able to attend a wide range of exclusive forums, seminars, and business luncheons.

ICCP Publication

ICCP Newsletter

Members enjoy free subscription to the ICCP Bi-monthly Newsletter that reports on the current business climate and tackles pertinent business issues in the Philippines and Israel.


Members can promote their business online. It also assists members to find business opportunities through our reputable affiliates and Israeli companies that show interests in tie-ups or investing in the Philippines.