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Message from the President

Message From The President

This isn’t business as usual. These unprecedented times have challenged all of us in countless ways. As I fulfill my duties as the newly elected president, I recognize the great work that needs to be done to ensure a bright future for the Israelis and Filipinos alike.

I have always been in awe of the Philippines. From visiting it since I was a child to settling permanently in 2012, I am drawn to its potentials, its people unmatched in their hospitality, and the myriads of opportunities in improving the lives of its’ citizens. As a third-generation Israeli businessman who has built solid roots here, I can’t help but think about my motherland, bearing such striking similarities in challenges and victories. Indeed, both Israelis and Filipinos wear on their sleeves strong, resilient hearts.

The immense honor and gratitude of upholding this significant position inspire me to build bridges. With my family, the board of directors, friends, colleagues, and mentors’ unending support and guidance, I look forward to elevate businesses hand in hand into becoming more dynamic, vibrant, and result-driven organizations.

With an in-depth understanding of local history, business practices, and a desire to provide progressive employment opportunities, I couldn’t be more thrilled to promote stronger relationships between our two countries through ICCP. I believe that together, we can mutually grow as nations and succeed in every endeavor we choose to undertake.

To be an instrument is to be of service. With the current crisis in sight and the numerous challenges lying ahead, I am committed to ensuring that we are able to adapt, evolve, and emerge from this stronger than ever together.

Maraming salamat po at Mabuhay!

Yoray Ofek


Israel Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines