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Kosher: Food and Certification

Kosher food are those that conform to the regulations of kashrut (Jewish Dietary Law). This determines which foods conform to the Jewish Code. The word kosher means “fit” or “proper.” Kosher certification (the guarantee that the food meets kosher requirements) revolves around these two criteria: source of ingredients and the status of the production equipment. A common misconception is that kosher reflects the conferring of a blessing on food by Rabbi. There is no truth to this. The Jewish ritual requires the recitation of a blessing prior to the consumption of food, however there is no blessing which can make the food itself kosher or unkosher.

All fruits, grains and vegetables in their natural state are kosher and pareve.

Kosher Designations:

– Meat-Dairy-Pareve
– Cheese Products
– Meat, Poultry and Fish
– Wine, Grape Juice and Grape Derivatives
– Fruits and Vegetables
– Equipment: Keeping it Kosher

Kosher Certification Facts

– A USD 30-billion business, growing annually at a rate of 12%

– 40% of products in US supermarkets have kosher certification

– 62% see kosher products as safer, healthier and generally of better quality while only 14% purchase kosher products to observe traditional laws

РPhilippine Food products for the global kosher market include coconut-based products, fruit-based products, and fishery products such as tuna and sardines.

–¬†A kosher certification agency is an organization of Rabbis, food technologists, and field supervisors with the expertise and resources to execute the Laws of Kashrus. It is responsible for assuring Kosher consumers that food products and ingredients meet all kosher requirements. Once these requirements have been met, a letter of certification is issued to the manufacturer who is then authorized to advertise its kosher status, and display the kosher symbol and promote the product as kosher.

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