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Artificial Intelligence Applications in Farming

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Artificial Intelligence Applications in Farming

  • 19 Oct 2022

Event Overview

The ICCP is hosting a free Zoom event entitled "Artificial Intelligence Applications in Farming" on October 19, Wednesday, 3 PM via Zoom. Guaranteed to be a great learning experience for those interested to know more about AI, and IoT for real-time precise information on weather, crops status, land condition, applications of fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs by UAV, and an expansive management information system for agriculture and aquaculture . Definitely a timely guide for farm managers, local government units, government agencies, and policymakers.

Join us and learn from Dr. Gideon Alon from SeeTree, Israel. is an “Intelligence Platform for Trees” providing real-time data per tree in an orchard to track productivity and health status. Information is provided by drones, satellites, IoT sensors, and weather information tracking systems. It can manage millions of trees and operates in Israel, Brazil, California, Florida, Mexico, and South Africa. SeeTree information system saves a lot of management expenses and provides relevant information for each orchard, cuts manpower and spraying costs. The precise needs of each tree allow farm managers to determine the right amount of expensive inputs, scheduling of applications of inputs, and the proper inventory of harvestable fruits. Forecasting of supply for market demands becomes a reality. Optimum price setting, better profitability, and operational efficiency are achievable.

Learn from Mr. Iggy Colesio, Founder & Owner of Palaya Farms. Discover how AI applied to shrimp farm management can produce 1,000,000 kilos after the 2023 expansion program. Feeding, stocking, water temp control, aeration, & harvesting use AI for efficiency.

Learn from Dr. Maria Victoria Espaldon, SARAI Program Leader.
Project SARAI – Smarter Approaches to Reinvigorate Agriculture as an Industry in the Philippines aims to develop a national crop forecasting and monitoring system for nine priority crops – rice, corn, banana, coconut, coffee, cacao, sugarcane, tomato, and soybean. It will provide near real-time data on the target crops with specific locations in the Philippines to reduce climate risks and benefit agricultural stakeholders with site-specific crop advisories. Farmers, LGUs, government agencies, and agricultural products value chain players can access information provided on the internet, local radio programs, and farmer meetings for a timely action plan and remedies to lessen losses in calamities, optimize production and determine production volume for market advantage. SARAI is funded by the DOST-PCAARRD and initiated by the University of the Philippines, Los Banos. Dr. Espaldon and her team work closely with 11 State Universities and Colleges and 6 local government units.

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