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Constellation Energy Corporation

Constellation Energy Corporation

Constellation Energy Corp. is engaged in the development of renewable energy facilities to provide clean sources of power and assure a stable supply of electricity to Filipino homes and industries. The company’s portfolio currently includes the five projects illustrated below.

Together with its partners and investors, Constellation envisages the development of each project into an independent power producer, producing electricity from natural resources and selling to the grid with electrical cooperatives, individual industrial consumers, and/or other entities as the buyers, or under the Philippine government’s Feed-in-Tariff system. Constellation also provides technical consultancy, political and country risk management, financial advisory in connection with the energy field in the Philippines, backed by an extensive network and well-established government and community relations from national to local levels.

At present, multiple factors are converging in the Philippines to make renewable energy a highly prospective area. These include the passage of new legislation (the Renewable Act of 2008) that protects and encourages renewable energy development, the attractive energy price in the Philippines that remains the highest in the region, as well as a dire shortage of energy production across the Philippines which assures absorption of new generation.

With a carefully selected portfolio of development projects, key contact points at all levels of government and across the private sector, as well as highly qualified technical advisors, Constellation Energy Corp. is poised to seize opportunity at this unique time.

Constellation Energy Corp. is also currently assessing prospects for oil and gas exploration and development assets in the Philippines.

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