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MAPECON strives to be a living example of Professional Excellence at all times, creatively working to make the best better, with “MAPECON” becoming the prayer: “My Almighty’s Plan to Exalt Christ Operates Now through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

MAPECON is committed to create employment and build the MAPECON Corporate Church with Jesus Christ as Head. With members whose temporal and spiritual needs are being attended to, MAPECON is able to serve customers and friends better and more safely through honest and integrated pest control and environmental protection using award-winning patented products.

Social Responsibility

MAPECON is committed to observing fair and just business practices, taking Christian responsibility for its business and financial obligations, and maintain harmonious relationships throughout its corporate boundaries.

The Philippine government has recognized and formalized MAPECON’s social and community commitment through Health Circular No. 155 and Presidential Proclamation 990, designating MAPECON to implement the 5-principle program for Urban Pest Control. As part of MAPECON’s commitment, it donates 20% of its profits in form of pest control services and products to the poor or depressed areas, or in the form of pest control services and training programs.

Additionally, the corporation as part of its Christian social responsibility sets apart 1% of it’s gross monthly revenues or 10% of its profit (whichever is greater) to build the Lord’s Account. This fund is used to provide financial assistance for employees’ urgent needs (i.e. death or sickness in the family, etc.), give donations for charitable purposes, and to fund quick-responses team for disaster relief.

All MAPECONIANS are encouraged to attend weekly prayer meetings for spiritual growth, practice tithing and to participate in Sunday missions to reach out to those who have less in life.

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