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Abner Chin

Abner Chin

Business Development Manager Of Green 2000- Agricultural Equipment & Know-How Ltd

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Abner Chin is the Business Development Manager of Green 2000- Agricultural Equipment & Know-How Ltd.  Mr. Chin has an M.Sc. from Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Jerusalem. Mr. Chin is an East & East &Far-East. Experienced in Business Development in India, Sri-Lanka, China, Vietnam & more. Born Agronomist, A Grandson of a Paddy Farmer from India. Expert in Horticulture & Agriculture Projects. As Floriculture Extension Officer & Floriculture R&D in The Arava Valley of Israel, Introduced Cut-Flowers & Developed a thriving farming community. As Agriculture Attaché of Israel in India, established The First Indo-Israel Demonstration Farm in IARI, New Delhi. Scores of Indian Farmers, Scientists & Agriculture Officers Were Exposed & Trained in Cutting-Edge Modern Horticulture. As Quarantine & Plant Protection Specialist PPIS Israel, Abner was responsible for The Great Reputation of Fresh Agriculture Produce exported all over the world.

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