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Liron Gross

Liron Gross

Co Founder And COO Of Payo

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Liron is Co-Founder and COO at Payo. Payo is a COD gateway for e-commerce platforms which provides a full-suite of technological solutions enabling us to reduce cancellations and increase revenues and allowing the merchant to gain a clear understanding of the entire process. Payo has offices both in Israel where the R&D is at and the Philippines, where the first go to market is at. Since Sep 2016, Liron is living in Manila and running the operation in the region.

Payo is the best way for e-commerce to sell at Cash on Delivery (COD) Markets. For every online seller, Payo is a gateway that manages and simplifies Cash on Delivery transactions. The mission is to make COD payment as easy and reliable as any other payment method. Since 2013, they also own The HolyLand Mall PH, the first entrepreneurship in the Philippines market. HLM is a local call center and eCommerce platform selling to the local Filipino market unique jewelry ( From “pains” and experience in the Philippines, a COD based market,  they developed and launched Fullphilippines.

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