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Menashe Tamir

Menashe Tamir

General Manager Of Eshet Eilon

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Menashe Tamir is the General Manager of Eshet Eilon.

He graduated from Technion with a degree in Civil and Agriculture Engineering. Between 1977-1984,  he was an active farmer growing field crops and spices, at Moshav Yodfat; a Special project’s engineer at the Planning office of Professor David Carmeli and an independent engineer at Moshav Yodfat at the field of water systems, drainage and agriculture structures.

He went on a mission to California as an irrigation engineer, specialized in the (than new) drip irrigation systems in 1985 and consequently established an agricultural department for a US Irrigation Company in California, as a partner in charge of sales, design and construction of projects until 1989.

Between 1989 and 2009, he established and managed TMN ENGINEERING, in California, as a company specializing in large, turn key, agriculture projects and supply of agricultural commodities, in the USA, Mexico and Latin America. Projects included design supply and construction of greenhouses, vegetable seeds, irrigation systems, modern packinghouses and marketing. He was also in charged of the design, construction and project management of greenhouses (160 hectares) in California, including a large packinghouse, as a partner in the company and as the project operator between 1999-2003.

With the expansion of the packaging sector, and as part of sales and marketing strategy, TMN have purchased “Eshet Eilon Industries”, the largest packinghouse equipment’s manufacturer in Israel in 2003. Menashe opens the marketing abroad, bringing Eshet to lead the market in the country, and pushing developments and new technologies that place Eshet as the forefront of the companies in the world in its field.

From 2009 up to the present, in an effort to promote and develop Eshet Eilon, Menashe has purchased all Eshet’s shares and took the position of GM. Eshet, led by Menashe makes a significant additional step, participates in complex projects of development with the support of Israel’s Chief Scientist, and positions itself as a global leader in certain markets such as dates, garlic, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and pineapple sorting, along with the development of advanced technologies for the treatment of conventional fruits as tomatoes, stone and tropical fruit, peppers and citrus.

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