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Rosemarie Edillon

Rosemarie Edillon

Deputy Director General Of The National Development Office (NDO) – Policy And Planning Of The NEDA

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Rosemarie Edillon is presently the Deputy Director General of the National Development Office (NDO) – Policy and Planning of the NEDA. She holds a PhD in Economics from La Trobe University in Australia and advanced degrees in both Economics and Statistics from the University of the Philippines. She also taught Economics at La Trobe University and Economics and Statistics at UP. Before this, she was Executive Director of the Asia-Pacific Policy Center, a research firm that focuses on development policy research. Her first exposure to Economics was the development of the Philippines annual macroeconometric model and then the ASEAN macro-model. She has since then worked in various fields of specialisation in Economics – agriculture, agrarian reform, poverty, labor, migration, project development, impact evaluation, health, social capital, growth theory and global business.

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