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MediVega by N.S.Oils

MediVega by N.S.Oils

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Our seed oils are gently cold pressed in our parent company’s facility. Our parent company
produces a range of selected, 100% pure, cold-pressed oils, combining traditional processes with
meticulous scientific innovation, enabling the preservation of vitamins, minerals, active
ingredients, and fatty acids for use in cosmetics, food, nutritional supplements, and

The factory is situated close to the fields in the enchanting Negev Desert. Our experts closely
monitor the oil-making process – from sowing the seeds, supervising growth, quality, and
gathering to finally transferring the seeds to the factory and the cold press.
Our oils are sold in Israel and overseas in large containers: 25/200-liter barrels or 950-liter IBCs,
and we uphold the highest international standards (Israeli Ministry of Health approval, HACCP,
ISO, organic, Halal and Kosher), which enable the oils to be used in the worlds of nutritional
supplements and cosmetics.

Our company is committed to sustainability, traceability, and transparency across the entire
supply chain, including a block chain program for cosmetic ingredients.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Cold Pressed Oils: * Black Cumin Seed Oil * Pomegranate Seed Oil * Jojoba Seed Oil * Milk Thistle Seed Oil


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