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Adi Marks

Adi Marks

Product/ Company Information:

The company engages in healthcare services and specializes in three key sectors:

  1. The provision of medical services and technology-based support in the field of home care.
  2. The provision of medical information and technological tools in the digital arena to patients, physicians, and medical institutions.
  3. The provision of healthcare logistics services.

The company is a leading Israeli health care company and trading in the Tel Aviv stock exchange. The company would like to collaborate with companies active in the fields of:

  1. Home care providers (e.g. segmentation by product: continence care, wound care, ostomy care, clinical nutrition, respiratory care; segmentation by service: rehabilitation services, nursing services, telemonitoring), (Linde Group, Vivisol, Resumed and more).
  2. Providers of technology platforms for healthcare (e.g. telemedicine and EMR).
  3. Company Insurances (health care segment).


Potential partners: Home care providers, Health organizations, Insurance companies.

Target countries: Germany, Holland, Denmark, Austria

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Services / Franchisee: Health care


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