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Israeli Developer of Safety Systems for Two-Wheelers that uses proprietary sensors, AI, and spatial audio synthesis to help users to perceive safety threats is looking for a joint venture agreement.

An Israeli tech company specializes in safety systems for powered two-wheelers has developed an augmented audio solutions system that detects safety threats around the rider and notifies him
in an intuitive way.

The technology can be mounted on any helmet and uses a dedicated AI sensors suite to continuously track moving vehicles up to 80m away and can track up to 60 threats simultaneously.

This system expands perceptual awareness and helps the driver make the right decisions in real-time.

The product is in advanced stages of development with four prototypes ready for demonstration and will be launched very soon.


Potential partners: Partners under joint venture agreement and distribution serviced agreement, such as helmet manufacturers, be insurance or eCall providers.

Target countries: Worldwide

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export from Israel /Joint Ventures: Safety Systems for Two- Wheelers to help users to perceive safety threats


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