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ApoWiser Ltd.

ApoWiser Ltd.

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We offer a SaaS Solution focusing on OTC, vitamins, and supplements. The solution helps retailers with online businesses to increase their conversion and sales (shopping cart value) by providing a user-friendly and engaging tool to their customers.

Our technology is scientific and written by professional pharmacists and nutritionists. It “talks” to the online consumer just like an actual pharmacist and helps them make the right decision regarding the OTC drug/vitamin they are about to purchase.

For the retailer, the results have already proven themselves (in an Israeli multinational pharmacy chain and one of Israel’s four HMOs):
• More users completing the purchasing process.
• Shopping cart value is increased thanks to the complementary suggested products mechanism.
• Users are more engaged, have a lower bounce rate, and have better SEO.
• Personalized data -> returning customers.
• Available 24/7, it can handle thousands of requests at the same time, saving time for pharmacists.

The tool also includes information from the medication leaflets and is adjusted to the country’s regulations.

Our solution is safe, simple, and effective.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: SaaS Service for Retailers Selling OTC/VMS Online


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