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Aquarius Spectrum

Aquarius Spectrum

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Aquarius’ patented solutions enable utilities to pro-actively monitor their water network, tracking leaks and pinpointing their exact locations automatically on a daily basis. To date, the company has deployed more than 5,000 sensors installed on municipal water networks in major cities in Israel, the U.S. and Europe, covering about 2000 Miles of drinking water pipelines.

This technology helps water utilities reduce their Non-Revenue-Water (NRW) and their maintenance & operational costs by using highly sensitive sensors, management software and a mobile application.

AQS-SYS applies for continuous water pipe monitoring and leak detection using permanently installed vibration and hydrophone sensors. This system collects daily acoustic samples from sensors that are monitoring the water distribution network and correlates them automatically. Highly sensitive sensors equipped with new generation signal processing algorithms can monitor pipes of every type of material and diameter, with high efficiency and wide coverage, using typically 3 sensors per 1Mile of pipe (depending on the pipe material).

iQuarius™ is a mobile leak detection system that connects to a smartphone and uses a dedicated Android App, with an online connection to GIS maps, cloud-based data analysis and online expert support. It provides functionalities such as: listening to the leaks directly via a sensitive acoustic sensor, conducting a survey on pipes in a certain area, correlation for most accurate and sensitive pinpointing of leaks.

Using iQuarius, the water utility can survey large areas for leaks. Data is recorded, uploaded to a cloud platform, presented locally on a GIS map (each point represents vibration intensity in pipes) and analyzed on the server. By using two mobile sensors you can perform correlation to maximize location accuracy and pinpoint.


Potential partners: Water Utilities, Water Distributors, leak detection projects & tenders.

Target countries: Australia, Austria, Spain, Nordic Countries, China

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export from Israel, cooperation, joint venture, representation: Advanced leak detection solutions for water loss reduction, burst prevention and pipe condition assessment


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