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Arrowspot Systems Ltd.

Arrowspot Systems Ltd.

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Our company offers a number of solutions tailor-made and specialized to your company
and its track-shipping needs. We develop, design, and manufacture our devices and
smart algorithms to create the perfect tracking item. The end-to-end solution is
composed of a sensing and tracking device, an application to analyze and present data,
and a 24/7 control center to handle acute events in real time.
Our portfolio includes devices that are all equipped with GPS, impact/movement
detection sensor, door opening sensor, and ambient temperature sensor.
Our devices have various communication capabilities, including BT, LoRA, cellular, and
SAT, providing solutions with full global coverage over land and seas.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: IoT-based End-to-End Modular Solutions designed to help businesses sense, track, monitor, and efficiently manage their fleets of both mobile and stationary assets.


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