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BioView Ltd. (

BioView Ltd. (

Product/ Company Information:

Our company is a leading provider of automated cell imaging and analysis solutions for
pathology, cytology, and cytogenetics laboratories.
Our field-proven AI-based automated cell imaging and analysis solutions are designed to
facilitate and standardize the analysis and reporting of microscopy-based assays across a
wide range of sample types and markers.
With world-spanning regulatory approvals and wide adoption, our brand is synonymous
with quality, reliability, and agility.
Unique Offerings:
 Wide range of imaging and analysis configurations to fit laboratory sample
volume, desired automation level and budget.
 Wide range of applications covered by the same system:
1. Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization (FISH
2. Karyotyping
3. Rare cell detection / Circulating Tumor Cells
 Web-based application for remote digital review, analysis and reporting.
 Integrated AI-based cell imaging and analysis algorithms to reduce operator time
and improve user experience.
 Regulatory approved for clinical use in major markets.
Our customers are:
 Public hospitals
 Privately owned laboratories
 Companies/R&D centers developing new assays
Marketing and Sales:
 Our products are marketed and sold through a network of regional and global
 Our US subsidiary is responsible for marketing and sales in North and South

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Medical Device: Automated Cell Imaging and Analysis Solutions for Clinical and Research Use


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