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Contel I.T.S. Trunovate Ltd. (73292)

Contel I.T.S. Trunovate Ltd. (73292)

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The company has developed a software platform, which enables the transmission of live video over an entire cellular network, especially those related to smart city HD cameras, which require a lot of cellular bandwidth.


In this regard, municipalities need to utilize thousands of video cameras in order to become smart cities, an endeavor that requires not only expensive cable solutions, but also the utilization of existing cellular networks in order to meet demands for immediate and flexible solutions.


However, due to the cellular networks’ limited bandwidth, they are unable to provide the necessary support for the large-scale camera connectivity, which smart cities operate. Due to a cellular network’s limited bandwidth, transmitted videos will be of poor quality.


To cope with this problem, the company’s platform utilizes machine learning and signal processing algorithms to both optimize the video transmission from all connected cameras over the cellular network (and up to 4 cameras located in the same area), and to enable all video streams to fit into available network resources.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Service/Joint Ventures/Representation: MES/MOM modular platform for managing factory's shop floor, Improving OEE, Cyber Security, Energy Monitoring, IoT, Analytics Solutions


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