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DS Constructions Ltd.

DS Constructions Ltd.

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The DHOUSE method was developed by DS Constructions as an agile construction solution using constructive cassettes of varying heights (from 100mm to 200mm). The system is unique in its strength and fast installation, especially when compared with other light-frame construction methods and more so with standard, wet conservative methods. The entire building’s frame is assembled with thin sided metal cassettes, which are strong enough to carry the entire weight of the building and roof, without additional structural or pillar support. This method can be applied in most design requirements, such as bridging gaps of up to 4.5 meters on different floors, and up to 8 meters under the rooftop in buildings with up to four floors.

DHOUSE walls are multi-functional due to the structural properties of the cassette which acts both as the frame and pillars, as well as the casing for the insulation materials, electrical wiring and piping. The advantage of a smooth exterior side of the cassette provides the client and planner with a myriad of façade covering options to satisfy their imagination. We provide International production services – produce your structure’s frame on site!

We offer you the ultimate service of the highest quality DHOUSE frames and roofing materials, produced at your project’s site, anywhere in the world. Instead of buying products from other companies and from other countries, DS enables you to manufacture your customized products locally, using local raw materials. We coordinate and ship the required machines to you along with a team of skilled and experienced operators. You can buy the raw materials independently and save on fees and third party costs.


Potential partners: Contractors, construction companies, installers

Target countries: Europe

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export from Israel: an innovative method for building fast, sturdy and eco-friendly constructive frames.


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