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El Global

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The company was founded by leading experts in medical esthetics who have provided their technologies to clinics around the world.
We’ve taken the technologies we’ve created for the world’s foremost medical aesthetic clinics and transformed them into affordable, hand-held beauty treatments – with proven results. Our proprietary technologies are the same ones used by professional institutions, only adapted to be used for at-home hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and exfoliation.

Each of our products was developed with the individual’s specific needs in mind and ergonomically designed to be as intuitive to your body as it is simple to use, all while providing you with powerful, long-lasting results.

All products are for Home Use (not clinics) FDA and CE approved – the company is ISO 13485 compliant :
4 different IPL based permanent hair removal devices

3 anti-wrinkle devices for the face

2 body contouring and cellulite reduction devices

1 massage body peeling and pedicure device


Additionally, we have a serum diffuser patented system using onotherapy technology for which we are looking for partners in the cosmetic field (manufacturers of creams).


Potential partners: Local distributors in the field of small electronic devices or cosmetics.

Target countries: Russia

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export / Cooperation / Joint Ventures: Beauty Tools for Home Use


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