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Elul Lighting Systems Ltd. – LUBELLA

Elul Lighting Systems Ltd. – LUBELLA

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We are one of the oldest companies dealing in the field of LED lighting in the world.


Each of the items meets all the most stringent standards of the European and Standards Institute and are backed by a long-term original manufacturer’s responsibility.


The company has vast experience in the field of lighting and designing lighting fixtures, building bodies, repairing and changing standard lighting fixtures for LED and designing and constructing lighting for spaces according to customer requirements.


In addition, the company can provide LED lighting fixtures in all styles, including lighting fixtures in gypsum ceilings, ceiling mounted lighting fixtures, hanging lighting fixtures for dining areas / living rooms / seating areas and more.


Lighting for general external use, lighting bridges and work lights for pickups, SUVs, tractors and boats, all in attratice prices.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export: Various Accessories for Lighting Construction, such as: LEDs, ribbons, power supplies and drivers, chips, cooling ribs, etc.


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