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Gutman Barzilai (1983) Ltd.

Gutman Barzilai (1983) Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

The company, founded in 1947, is engaged with importing, marketing, distributing, and selling
high-quality power tools for production, manufacturing and maintenance, such as manual and
electric tools, precise measuring devices, technical supplies, and auxiliary equipment.

The company offers consulting services and professional technical solutions to various issues.
For close to 70 years of activity, with professional and technical experience, we have expanded
the range of products and services provided by us in a wide variety of industries, in the fields of
high-tech industries and enterprises, electronics cleanrooms, microelectronics, medical
equipment, optical equipment, safety, and security equipment, communications equipment,
digital printing equipment, electricity, and garage equipment.

Our goal is to maintain a high-quality product line that will continue to connect and tighten our

relationship with the end user and the manufacturer-supplier; thus, we import from
manufacturers with the International Standard ISO9001:2008.
We have several dealers, but we must increase the variety of our suppliers to meet our
customers’ demands and the pace of work, which must be very fast.
We want to import more tools and technical equipment at different levels with the appropriate
quality requirements to all industries, including DIY.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Hand Tools and Technical Equipment


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