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We are an importer and marketing company traded as public on the Israeli Stock
We specialize in offering a variety of culinary solutions via import, sales and distribution
of fresh and packaged foods, including: processed meat, fish and seafood, wine and
spirits, cheese, chilled and frozen groceries, and ready-to-cook products.
We import a selection of over 2,000 gourmet culinary items from all over the world and
distribute them to several Israeli markets: restaurants, catering companies, wholesale
and retail markets.
Our group also owns an elite chain store with 47 branches with the brand of the Israeli
company we work with.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Frozen Fish & Seafood, Ready to cook products: Frozen Vegetables, French Fries, Frozen Pasta and more, Wines and Alcoholic Beverages; Cheese; Chilled and Frozen Grocery Products.


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