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Kando Environmental Services Ltd.

Kando Environmental Services Ltd.

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Our company’s services protect public health and the environment, providing water utilities with effective oversight of wastewater systems across the entire urban space. By collecting and analyzing data from sewage, we support cities to manage public health events, improve water quality and availability, and optimize operational practices, all while lowering costs and meeting all the required ISO conditions.


Pulse is a wastewater intelligence platform that continuously collects data from wastewater networks with our own proprietary hardware, analyzes that data, and alerts users when health and wastewater quality indicators deviate from expected norms. By combining data inputs from key locations around a client network, Pulse can pinpoint the source of any deviation, estimating disease hotspots and identifying the causes of contamination.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export: Innovative Digital Solution to support improved public health and the environment by improving wastewater quality, efficiency of utilities around the world


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