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Merchavia Holdings & Investments Ltd.

Merchavia Holdings & Investments Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

We are a public company traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange and focused on investments and
distribution of state-of-the-art Medical Technologies.
We have exclusive distribution rights to a new and unique prostate cancer early-detection
diagnostic test.
The test uses a first-in-class liquid biopsy platform focusing on changes to the structure of
proteins in circulating fluids – highly specific to cancer.
The test is on the market in the USA and was adopted in the Cleveland Clinic. The test is included
in NCCN and European guidelines and received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation.
Our diagnostic test has gone through extensive scientific research validation, and we believe it is
the most versatile prostate cancer diagnostic test available. The test is also very complementary
to MRI-based diagnostic pathways.
Presently we are looking for distributors for this new and unique prostate cancer early-detection
diagnostic test.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Prostate Cancer Early-Detection Diagnostic Test


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