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‘Mini Planet’ is a smart indoor climate control & dynamic lighting system for agricultural cultivation, enabling replicating dynamic sunlight as well as setting the optimal climate for a specific crop to improve productivity and quality of fresh produce grown in any place, at any environment throughout the year.

Our system can be used in greenhouses as a complementary system or within indoor growing rooms.

Smart farming is precise and comprehensive, providing full control and quick access, which simplifies workflow, improves productivity and corrects human errors. Implementation of smart farming enables agricultural growth in areas close to clients and end users, with the ability of short delivery from production site to your client.
Our controlled environment and dynamic light system is suitable for:
• Commercial indoor cultivation facilities – In extreme weather or light conditions i.e.: Drought, floods, severe cold, heat, darkness, and desert conditions.

• Urban farming facilities, local communities, hotels and restaurants, hospitals and elderly care centers.
• R&D plant growth chambers and controlled environment rooms for: Agriculture research centers and institutes, R&D labs in commercial indoor farms and greenhouses
• Home growers- expert.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Smart indoor climate control & dynamic lighting system for agricultural cultivation


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