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Omega 3 Galilee Ltd.

Omega 3 Galilee Ltd.

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Our company is the Israeli home for Nutritional oils in general and omega 3 fish oil in particular.


The aim of the company is to bring the Israeli customer Omega 3 fish oil of the highest quality and without the risk of over-oxidation.


The company continues to progress in the field of ketogenic edible oils and safe oils for frying and cooking.


The company operates its own R&D and quality assurance department, including an oil oxidation laboratory used for development and quality assurance, and provides quality testing and oxidation services for omega 3 oils, as well as for kitchen oils such as olive oil, canola and so on.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Import & Export: Omega 3 and Dietary Fats Export - Omega 3 fish oil capsules of the highest quality Import - MCT Oil


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