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Orbit FR Engineering Ltd.

Orbit FR Engineering Ltd.

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Our company is a subsidiary of the global MVG company based in France and operating in the field of Imaging of electromagnetic waves and testing of wireless networks and antennas.

The Group has four companies, with our company, a leading and long-standing company in its own right.


The company is responsible for the development of systems for testing antennas in various segments, including the aviation, automotive, industrial industries, security and cellular.


The company builds the laboratories for testing the antennas, and also develops equipment for manufacturers in the various segments on to help them produce good products that are better suited to their needs.


In addition, in the company’s laboratories are carried out tests of the various products as part of quality tests (QA).


The company performs Turnkey projects for its customers and accompanies them throughout all stages of the process, from start to finish, from purchasing the systems, planning the projects, managing them, providing service and support and more.


Advantages and uniqueness:

  • Advanced and unique technologies – the company has high d & r capabilities, which allow it to develop systems one of the most advanced in the world.
  • Providing complete key turn solutions – the company accompanies the customers throughout all stages of the testing process systems and component manufacturing, as well as providing complementary services through the other subsidiaries in the group, so there is no need to contact outside contractor companies.


The company works with leading companies in the following segments:

  1. The automotive industry – in front of leading companies such as Renault, Volkswagen, Toyota, Opel and more.
  2. Defense Industries – Some of its customers in Israel are Dodge Elbit, Rafael, IAI, Elta Systems and more.
  3. Aviation industry – creation of systems for testing antennas for radars, satellites and more. Orbit built laboratories To Airbus.

The cellular industry – with an emphasis on 5G technology. The company works with Ericsson Dodge.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Systems for Testing Antennas in Various Segments, including the Aviation, Automotive, Industrial Industries, Security and Cellular


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