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Anultra-hybrid, triple boosting, bi-facial, partly transparent, PV thermal panel. Produces electricity and hot water from both sides, 5 functions in 1unit, several generations beyond existing technologies. Integrated with a closed-loop water flushing system for dust cleaning of PV panel surfaces.


The company has designed and built a revolutionary Triple boosting hybrid BIFACIAL PV and TRANSPARENT thermal solar panel.


This hybrid BIFACIAL panel can produce 1080Wp of thermal energy and 550Wp of electric power.


Reducing Costs – due to the revolutionary new design features of the hybrid Bifacial PVT transparent “KIT” system, the BPVTPT panel is able to produce more electricity & hot water than any other PVT system currently available, and is also priced to not just compete with other hybrid systems, but is even less expensive than a traditional solar thermal panel.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export: Hybrid PV Solar Thermal Panels


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