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ROOTS – Sastainble Agricultural Technology

ROOTS – Sastainble Agricultural Technology

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Root Zone Temperature Optimization (RZTO) technology is widely regarded as the next big
item in agriculture today.
Combined with a state-of-the-art dripping system, the D-RZTO enhances crop yield and
quality while providing sustainable solution/technology for plant’s temperature control
problems and irrigation at the root zone area.
There are four key reasons why controlling root zone temperature is so important:
1) Micro-organism activity is very low when the temperature drops: The soil bacteria
is controlling important nutrients such as: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and micro
elements such as iron and more.
2) Oxygen Availability, (cooling): When soil temperature rises, oxygen availability
decreases in the root zone and greatly influences the function of the plant, affect
the growth of the plant.
3) RZTO helps the plant “wake up” faster from the cooler night temperatures (even
when the day temperature is relatively nice), instead of waiting 2-3 hours for the
soil temperature to be heated by the sun.
4) Healthy plants that have a root zone temperature in an optional range, are more
resistant to, temperature changes in the canopy area, past attacks, and needs less
RZTO technology has significant advantages over existing technologies, including:
 Pioneering of a two-in-one system – able to both heat and cool plants at the root
zone area
 There is no known company with RZTO optimization technology that uses
sustainable low energy ground coils heat exchange system both for heating and
 Increased yield and quality, with reductions in growing cycles
 Energy efficient, saving up to 80% of energy compared with air heating
 Faster ROI than competing solutions, which are expensive to run
 Addresses climate management problems
 Real-time results tracking via smartphone and PC software
 Eco friendly – competes favorably with fossil-based air heating companies and air
free cooling mats for plants.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Joint Venture/Representation: Roots Zone Heating and Cooling Technology


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